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Introducing Morocco: – The North African Gem

Morocco is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful destinations all over the planet. It’s a mesmeric country comprising of intoxicating colors, the pungent odor of spices sold on street corners- all these things are combined to create sensory experiences that seems quite difficult to resist. In simple words, it’s not that hard to know why Morocco continually proves to more popular with those people seeking for travel adventure! 

Planning To Explore Morocco: –

If you’re currently in search of options for tours in Morocco, it’s obvious that you might be wondering where to start your trip to spend quality time with friends or family while in the country. After all, Morocco attempts to include everything on your holiday bucket list. To help you, here’s a list of a few things you should consider to create completely unforgettable holiday experiences:

Desert Camp In Morocco: –

The exotic beauty of Morocco has appealed travelers from all over the world. Hence, a visit to the Gem of North Africa is incomplete without choosing an expedition at desert camp in Morocco. The most well-known desert dune is the Erg Chebbi. Being the most beautiful place, the popularity of Erg Chebbi has made it an ultimate challenge for visitors to experience the appeal of the Sahara as the local inhabitants are well aware of it – a place of eptional solitude and serene beauty. 

However, sleeping under the stars in a camp in desert Morocco is an enchanting experience. With the lack of light and the ultimate silence of the desert, the starry sky becomes a spectacular observatory to explore from a desert camp in Morocco. 

Camel Trekking Morocco

Camel Trekking In The Desert: –

There’s only one way to explore the desert as per the Moroccan after enjoying a stay in a Morocco desert camp and that’s on the back of a camel. The 4X4 desert rides will carry you across the windswept dunes, allowing to experience and appreciate the wonderful landscape that surrounds you. In short and simple words, you can be able to explore the stirring vistas in the desert by camel and trek along the Erg Chebbi dunes to experience the truly majestic Saharan orange dunes. 

Indulge In a Hamamm Experience In Marrakesh: –

Marrakesh emerged itself as an awe-inspiring destination for travelers vising Morocco. The beautiful rooftop cafes, vibrant souks and mosques offer the city a truly exceptional recognition, which worths to be explored along with enjoying a desert camp stay in Morocco. While you are in Marrakesh, think yourself like a local and head straight to a local hamamm or a bath house. When you’re in a public hamamm, enjoy siting in a steam room in order to relax yourself and allow yourself the vapors to cleanse your body before being scrubbed and massaged rigorously. 

Camel Trekking Morocco

Conclusion: –

Are you planning for a holiday trip in Morocco? If so, then consider booking a desert camp in Morocco with Merzouga Desert Camps and get wonderful experiences to cherish forever. For more information about our camp in desert Morocco, browse through the website or feel free to contact online!

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